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Instagram: Confused & Lazy Edition

Greetings friends!

I've recently realized that I can't contain this passion for food, marketing, and travel that I hold so this blog will be a dumping spot for all things like that. Stay tuned for more posts, and hope they help!

I'm currently interning at Production Road for three amazing artists: LEMONNI, Hubert Kang Photography, and Chairman Ting. So Hubert, our photographer extraordinaire, hates social media and needed some help. Being a business student, I wondered how hard could it be?

Obviously, I was wrong. I should've known this. Social media is a dark art that is constantly changing. Algorithms change, new features are added, and trends come and go. With that, I have tried to create a comprehensive guide that follows Instagram's values to help businesses looking to tap into the Instagram demographic. It's not perfect, and it might be too easy for you, but it's a start! I'll probably create a more in-depth edition later.

Why the palm tree cover? Well, they're trendy right now and I'm in love with Hawaiian patterned shirts. I love my plants, don't be a hater.

If you've got any questions, comments, and improvements please send me a suggestion. Quoting the wise teachings of Paul Arden, I love asking for a slap in the face instead of a pat in the back (it make sense, if you don't get it just scroll along my friend).