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From Illustrator to Producer: My 2 Days On Set

Some of you may have already seen this from my Instagram, but I’ve had great fun helping Hubert Kang and his dream of a producer Amy Jones doing pre, post, and day of tasks for their amazing projects this past year. Amy’s ability to stay organized, delegate, and on time all while being fair, mindful, and kind to those on set has been a great source of inspiration to me. With my background in business, design, and dozens of other interests, production seemed like the perfect job to try given how dynamic it is.

My friend Tim Hoggan, who works as a DP and director, referred me to a project he was working on for The Statistics–a band made up of two brothers from Prince George, British Columbia. Since the budget was small it was mostly a volunteer-based crew, but everyone was eager to help and make something cool.

Although the project was a hectic one, it was a great environment for me to test and learn more about producing given the small size of the crew. Fantastic time working with everyone, I can’t wait to see the final video! Enjoy some behind the scenes photos below from Solomon Hsu and the phenomenal guy who let us rent his camper van, Alexander Kopp.

The Team

Director / Kevin Cho
DOP / Timothy Hoggan
Producer / Aiken Lao
1st AC / Trevor Komori
2nd AC / Solomon Hsu
Crew / Luke Strahm, Brian Johnson, Andrii Lyskov
Van / Alexander Kopp

Day 1

Day 2

Aiken Lao