Aiken Lao



How do you pronounce my name?
It rhymes with bacon.


My name is Aiken and I'm obsessed with all things art and design. I specialize in marketing, graphic design, and occasionally dabble in photography. As a commerce graduate from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, my unique background can help communicate your brand effectively using business principles and concise, engaging, and aesthetic design.

In my spare time I like to lurk the internet, bake up a mess in the kitchen, and look for new adventures to embark on. I can be lured with food and shiny objects.

The University of British Columbia
Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Marketing (Honours)

Canadian University Press / Cover of the Year Finalist 2017, Cover of the Year Winner 2016, Best Illustration Finalist 2016
Applied Arts Project Manager / Corporate Illustration Single 2019, Corporate Illustration Series 2019

If you’d like to collaborate on potential projects, or have any questions about my work please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at or fill out the form below.

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